Shift to Extraordinary

Get your own performance coach. Engage in a peer mastermind. Learn from experts. Join a national network. Your days of solving every problem alone are over.

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  • Work one-on-one with a talented coach
  • Navigate your biggest challenges
  • Be held accountable to hit your goals


  • Gain clarity from caring peers
  • Learn from diverse perspectives
  • Hear best practices from high-performers


  • Learn from experts on business & life
  • Access an on-demand content library
  • Receive a member briefing each Tuesday


  • Meet peers throughout the country
  • Share your challenges & get feedback
  • Connect with qualified professionals

Our Mission

growth10 was founded to help people become extraordinary. At its core, growth10 is a community of nice people who want to grow faster and help their peers do the same. When hard-working, coachable people come together each month in a safe, confidential environment, powerful things happen. Great business ideas emerge. Personal breakthroughs occur. And you leave the experience better than you entered, as a person and professional.

Our Community

growth10 is a community built by gritty entrepreneurs. We do what is right for our community, not for a group of investors looking for a quick return. We have incredibly talented Experts that provide deep, impactful ideas to help our members grow faster. Our Partners have a passion for helping people get better. And our Members truly care about helping one another succeed.

Our Method

Your days of solving every problem alone are over. You’ll get your own dedicated performance coach who works with you one-on-one to improve rapidly. You’ll collaborate with like-minded peers in a monthly mastermind and tap into the collective wisdom of the group. You’ll hear from experts each week that will share actionable ideas. And you’ll be part of a national network of peers where you can ask for feedback and share best practices.

Our Qualifications

You need to be a leader who is constantly making big decisions. You can’t have a massive ego. You need to value feedback from a diverse group of people. You need to enjoy helping others succeed, not just be in it for yourself. You need to be willing to be vulnerable, constantly. And you must have a burning desire to be extraordinary, both personally and professionally. If this sounds like you, growth10 could be an excellent fit.

The Impact of the G10 Experience

“Joining growth10 ranks as one of the better business decisions I’ve made. It’s an amazing collection of people. They’re impressive, successful and they’re my friends. We genuinely care about each other. It’s pretty unique and I’m lucky to be part of it.”

Dr. Paul Flatley
Founder, Direct2MD

“I founded a home improvement company, but had no formal business development training. I was self-taught…books and YouTube. I’m thankful to have connected with Joe and the G10 platform. This experience has been a game changer for me and my growing company in that area and many others.”

Chuck Derouen
Cabinet Coatings of America

“I have learned a great deal from my groups invaluable insights. They know what it takes to WIN!”

Alex Bayer
CEO, Genius Juice

“The professionals at growth10 have directly contributed to my intellectual growth, challenging me to become better personally and to also build a better business.”

Bryan McLaren
CEO, Zoned Properties

“I see the growth10 platform as a tour guide. They’ve taken the trip and know every aspect of the journey.”

Les Heinsen
Founder, Element 79 Vineyards

“G10 has made a significant impact on my business. Our facilitators cut through the fluff and get right to the heart of our issues. There are lots of places to go and ‘collaborate, but none like this mastermind model.”

Mike Hanner
Principal, Bridgemark Insurance

“I can’t say enough about the growth10 community. The ability to learn from other entrepreneurs, collaborate, and build the future together is phenomenal. I love being part of G10 and encourage anyone wanting to grow, develop their business/team, and have relationships with like-minded people, to join!”

Emily Evans
Founder, Evans Consulting

“This mentorship program has been one of the most effective and rewarding things we’ve done professionally in recent years. Our work together has helped me move my initiatives forward quickly. I can’t express how much I appreciate growth10’s unique approach to personal coaching.”

Katie Anderson
Principal, Anderson Atwood Consulting

“My coach is one of the most knowledgeable professionals I have dealt with or come across. His advice and guidance on several big issues we have worked on together have been invaluable.”

Kevin Kessler
CEO, Keystone Financial


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Shift to Extraordinary


Get your own performance coach. Engage in a peer mastermind. Learn from experts. Join a national network. Your days of solving every problem alone are over.