The growth10 Story

Our Story

When growth10 Co-Founders Joe Buzzello and Tom Healy first met on a golf course, they quickly realized they were both trying to solve the same problem. They wanted to modernize the way entrepreneurs grow, both personally and professionally. With a combined 60 years of business experience, their collective bodies of work include building and operating successful companies, delivering thousands of keynote speeches, and providing deep value to hundreds of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Although they loved this work, Joe and Tom decided they wanted to build a powerful virtual community where they could help entrepreneurs scale faster. And with that, growth10 was born!

Our mission is to modernize how busy entrepreneurs grow faster

Our Method

We form teams of 10 caring, talented and driven entrepreneurs who want to get better faster while helping their peers do the same. We only invite high-quality individuals into a Tribe and make sure the team is comprised of diverse perspectives, so that the best possible solutions come to the surface. And we have experienced leaders who run tight, results-oriented meetings and make each minute count for the busy entrepreneurs in the room.

Our Impact

We constantly find entrepreneurs stuck on a “lonely island” trying to balance a hundred things all by themselves with no team to confide in or an outlet to quickly learn the stuff they don’t know. growth10 helps really talented entrepreneurs grow faster personally and professionally by surrounding themselves with like-minded peers – this safe, confidential environment has helped our community members make more money, spend more time with their family and have more fun being an entrepreneur. Running a business is tough – we make it easier.

Our Team

growth10 isn’t run by a private equity firm – it is a community built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have incredibly talented Expert Contributors that provide deep, impactful ideas to help our members grow faster. Our Tribes are led by Practice Leaders who have a burning passion for helping people get better, both personally and professionally. And our Community Members truly care about helping one another succeed – the collective wisdom of these driven, empathetic people is extremely powerful.

Our Community

The growth10 community isn’t for everyone. It is specifically for entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses as rapidly as possible. These people are committed to doing business intelligently, with integrity, clarity and focus.  Our growth10 community is comprised of ambitious entrepreneurs who are also good people. We have a “no jerks allowed” policy because we know it takes the right type of person to both give and gain value inside a great peer community.

Join The Community

Join your own virtual team of trusted peer advisors – these 10 caring, talented and driven entrepreneurs will help you solve critical issues, improve your key strategies and provide you needed accountability!