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Tap into a turn-key platform to scale your coaching practice faster. Participate in a peer learning community. Running a profitable, sustainable practice doesn’t need to be hard – let us help.

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  • Let us manage & pay for LinkedIn outreach
  • Leverage our targeted email database
  • Place your leads into our 90-day nurture


  • We handle all member payments
  • We’ll chase down any credit card issues
  • We quickly respond to admin issues


  • Members receive value in 4 key areas
  • You charge a premium for offering this
  • You spend your time generating revenue


  • Our model lasts 5x longer than coaching
  • The value evolves & grows over time
  • We continually drive new areas of value

“I was initially hesitant to build a growth10 practice, but I’ve had the desire to break into the consulting space for many years. I was able to launch a profitable group in approximately 11 weeks and create a flow of recurring income due to the model. It has been a fantastic ride!” 

Chad Schneider — Los Angeles

Our Platform

Think of our platform as a blank canvas. Our Partners choose who they want in their practice. Some focus on an industry. Others focus on the founder of certain sized companies or a certain role within an organization. Our Partners then choose the specific deliverables they’d like to provide in the areas of one-on-one coaching and the structure of their monthly mastermind. Finally, our Partners choose what subscription fee they’d like to charge their members. This flexible platform allows you to create whatever type of practice you’d like. And best of all, regardless of what you choose to charge your members, growth10 only retains $99 per member per month. We absorb the credit card fees, handle all back office activities, pick up your marketing expenses and act as a thought partner as you quickly build a financially and emotionally rewarding practice.

Member Experience

Members of growth10 receive one-on-one mentorship. They tap into the collective wisdom of their peers in a monthly mastermind group. They receive new content each week that includes a live workshop, new podcast interview, the summary of a new book and interesting articles on personal and professional growth. G10 members are also part of a private community where they get feedback, share best practices and network with other high performers. Because members receive such tremendous value, they are willing to pay a higher monthly subscription rate than they would for just a one-on-one coach. They also stay members 5x longer than a typical coaching client.

Partner Experience

Once we decide to do this work together, you’ll access world-class training on how to build a highly profitable mastermind practice that produces multi-year recurring revenue. You’ll conduct a 90-minute strategy call with the G10 Co-Founders to get you organized so you can quickly generate revenue. You’ll also immediately start getting leads through our LinkedIn marketing efforts (which we pick up the tab on for you). You’ll also set up your own landing page on our website, be able to utilize our lead nurture program, pull marketing lists from our database and expose your personal brand/content to our community. We also handle all back office functions, so you can focus your time on revenue producing activities.

Financial Model

Our financial model is straightforward and fair. We do not charge a franchise fee or licensing fee, nor do we put any restrictions on other work our Partners do. We only ask for a fully refundable training deposit of $2,500, which you’ll receive back in full once you have six members. You’ll charge each member whatever monthly subscription fee you’d like and you’ll add $99 because we retain the first $99, absorb the credit card fees and handle all administrative work. If you were to have 12 members at $899 per month, you’d generate $9,600 per month or $115,000 per year. Many of our Partners easily lead multiple groups because they have the bandwidth inside our virtual model.

Your Partner Journey

Icon Target Market

Develop a specific description of
who you want to help. Who do
you want to be a hero for? Why?

Icon Personal Brand

Are you attractive to that target
market? Do they believe you are
uniquely qualified to help them?

Icon Message

Are you sending them a direct
and specific message about how
you can help them get better?

Icon Outreach

Are you utilizing all available
outreach methods? Are you
generating enough conversations?

Icon Presence

How are you showing up to your
target market? Are you projecting
confidence + conviction?

Icon Selection Process

Are you following our selection
process? Are you delivery a
strong call to action?

This Journey Leads to Meaningful Relationships That Last Years

We appreciate you learning more about our model. If this seems like a potential fit, we would love to meet you!