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What is growth10?

growth10 modernizes how business leaders grow faster, both as people and professionals, while providing mentors a turn-key platform to run a low-maintenance mastermind practice. Members participate in a killer group experience each month, tap into a powerful network of peers and have access to a massive learning community. growth10 was founded five years ago by Joe Buzzello & Tom Healy, who have a combined 50 years of experience building and running mastermind groups. They love partnering with experts like you to build powerful masterminds that change peoples lives.

Who thrives at this work?

You need to have deep expertise within a certain industry or on specific topics, knowledge that can help a certain type of person or organization. You need to have a great deal of credibility in the eyes of your members and not be afraid to challenge people and hold them accountable. You need to understand the purpose of a mastermind and the collective wisdom of the group experience. You must be willing to select your own members using our lead generation system. You must have the time it takes to build a strong, sustainable group – typically it takes 5-7 hours a week to establish your first group. When all of this aligns, mentors build great practices and love the work because of the impact that it has on their members.

“Leading groups of entrepreneurs each month is deeply rewarding for both myself and the members”

Chad Schneider (Los Angeles, CA)

Why lead groups?

For our mentors, this is some of the coolest and most rewarding work they have ever done. It is highly profitable and leads to additional work with members. When these groups are built right, they last for years, represent tremendous recurring revenue with little turnover. As a mentor, you deeply impact your members and develop meaningful relationships with them. You are given the incredible gift of helping entrepreneurs and other professionals scale their business, grow as people and achieve the goals you’ve helped them establish. It doesn’t get much better than that.

How does training work?

We have assembled a world class step-by-step training program that shows you how to build and run an exceptional mastermind group. You’ll gain access to an on-demand Blueprint consisting of 45 modules, 6 hours of video content and a library of templates. Following the training, the G10 Co-Founders will lead a 90-minute strategy session with you to design your perfect practice. You’ll also have full access to them on an ongoing basis. We also place you in a mastermind group of other growth10 mentors. We do not charge exorbitant franchise fees, license fees or restrict mentors to geographic territories. You get to establish who you want in your groups, how much you charge members, where the members are located and where you run the meetings from.

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