growth10 Tribes

What is a Tribe?

Our growth10 Tribes are teams of 10 driven entrepreneurs who are committed to each other’s growth, well-being and success. growth10 Tribes are made up of carefully vetted founders who meet virtually for 2.5 hours each month to address and resolve each other’s critical issues, challenges and opportunities. The results speak for themselves – when you put the right people in the room and follow the right process, it is extremely effective. These meetings take place in a confidential, caring and empathetic environment. We share a strong belief that 10 voices of experience focused on your key issues are far more powerful than just one. Your success is our success. That’s why growth10 is so deeply committed to your success.

“My growth10 Tribe has helped me double sales, become more profitable and make better decisions.”
Matt Walsh, Founder – Blue Signal

The Qualifications

If you’re a revenue-positive, rapidly scaling entrepreneur… that’s the first step. You have to want to grow your business. If you’re determined to scale up faster, increase revenue steadily and collaborate with a select group of founders… that’s step two. You have to want to be collaborative. You must also be willing to share your pressing challenges, importance decisions and upcoming opportunities with the team. That’s because we are smarter, better and more successful sharing ideas, problems and solutions with each other.

The Expectations

Our members must be willing (and open) to bring their pressing challenges, decisions and opportunities to the team. Our members must also be willing to roll up their sleeves and serve other members as they seek input and feedback on their issues. And most importantly, our members must keep everything discussed confidential to maintain the safe, trusting environment that make these teams so impactful for our members.

The Results

Our Tribe members consistently say they grow faster and enjoy the journey more because of the relationships they form with the like-minded entrepreneurs on their team. There is significant power in spending time with, learning from and sharing ideas with people that get you. These trusted relationships only grow over time, and often become some of the most important in your life. Each month, members need something new from the group – it could be feedback on a critical decisions, best practices on a big challenge or just an opportunity to vent (in a safe place). No matter what is going on in your life or business, your Tribe has your back.

“My Tribe keeps me focused so that I spend my time and money as effectively as possible.”
Bryan McLaren, 
CEO – Zoned Properties

National Practice Leaders

growth10 Practice Leaders create safe, confidential environments. They care about their members. Their members grow faster as people and professionals. The impact is lasting and they love the work.

Roland Crane

Los Angeles, CA

Chad Schneider

Los Angeles, CA

Dennis Hartin

Tampa, FL

Regina Martinelli

Silicon Valley, CA

Chuck Farmer

Nashville, TN

Scott Storjohann

Denver, CO

Dan Altmire

Washington DC

Traci Batten

Reno, NV

Jay Hill

Charlotte, NC

Shelly Bays

Lafayette, IN

Liza Holland

Lexington, KY

Donna Desrosiers

San Diego, CA

Jeff Jackson

Grand Rapids, MI

Peter Montaglione

Southampton, NY

Rod Tobiason

Naples, FL

Katie Anderson

Denver, CO

Dawn Tyack

San Luis Obispo, CA

Matt Adams

Tempe, AZ

Mark Robinson

Washington DC

Joe Mindak

Hoboken, NJ

Michael Goodman

Scottsdale, AZ

Deborah Edwards

Northern California

Brent Bailey

Los Angeles, CA

Kip Brooks

Charlotte, NC

Mike Grabham

Walla Walla, WA

Bob Gravely

Ocoee, FL

Deana Herd

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Brandee Justus

Evansville, IN

Harry Pape

Boston, MA

Kevin Rafferty

Newport Beach, CA

Bob Thames

Crossville, TN

Kim Zilliox

Bay Area, CA

Stephanie Reyna

Las Vegas, NV

Tribe Membership

Join your own virtual team of trusted peer advisors – these 10 caring, talented and driven entrepreneurs will help you solve critical issues, improve key strategies and provide you needed accountability!